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Integrated Campaign

Meditation has a myriad of health benefits if practiced regularly, but getting busy people to make a daily habit out of “doing nothing” is a tall order. But one thing busy people can’t avoid is a daily trip to the bathroom.

People use bathroom breaks as an escape from work, school, and even their kids—yet most of their time on the toilet is spent scrolling through social media.

Bathroom Break encourages people to break one bad habit in favor of a new, healthier one. Rather than mindlessly stare at a screen without really giving their mind a break, bathroom-goers can close their eyes and enjoy some mindful me-time with short meditations from Headspace. By combining meditation with a daily trip to the bathroom, even the busiest of people can relax and recharge.

Credits: Nik Szpak (CW/VO), Ketevan Bulukhia (AD)